Silver Ghosts - The River Dee Edition

Silver Ghosts - The River Dee Edition

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All proceeds of this edition will go to the River Dee Trust.

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Life is confusing for Aberdeen teenager Callum Anderson as he drifts through the lockdown summer of 2020. With exams cancelled and activities restricted, the aimless days and late, drunken nights all merge. When Callum’s behaviour puts the family dog at risk, his mother compels him to do something more productive with his time, forcing him to join a fly-fishing course on the banks of the beautiful river Dee. Callum is soon absorbed by a new passion and finds himself drawn to someone he unexpectedly meets there. Igniting a bond with his grandfather in their pursuit of the king of fish, he discovers how life is connected and how a legacy can live on.

All proceeds will go to a portfolio of charities that includes:

The River Dee Trust
WildFish Atlantic Salmon Trust